Air Tightness

Air tightness is essentially draught proofing your home. Making your home air tight in Ireland came in under the 2008 building regulations and later updated in the 2011 regulations.  Current standards require a new home to be air tight to a minimum of 7 m³/hr/m² under a pressure difference of 50 Pascals between the inside of the house and the outside.

This is tested using a ‘blower door test’

To achieve this standard, we install the Partel range of approved air tight membrane and tapes around all the windows and doors in the house.

However if you plan to install a Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) system, then we recommend you install air tightness to a minimum to 3 m³/hr/m² to ensure the HRV system operates at it most efficient.

To achieve this level, in addition to sealing all windows and doors, we install the Partel system to the ceilings upstairs along with a range of other measures which are designed to get the house to 3 m³/hr/m².

This improved level of air tightness is also essential if you plan to install a heat pump to heat your home (ground source or air to water), in order for the heating system to work efficiently and within its capacity.  Otherwise the heat produced will leak out through the house as quick as its coming in through the floor. 

If you are embarking on a new build or a major renovation project, then call us at Bromur Energy to discuss the options open to you.  The sooner an air tightness plan is in place on site (as part of an overall renewable energy plan), the more cost effective it can be.