Heat Recovery Ventilation

Here at BroMur Energy, we design, install, commission, certify and service a range of Heat Recovery Ventilation systems. HRV for short but also known as MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery). We refer to it as HRV.
The systems we work with are ProAir, Brookvent and Vent Axia.
Some people get mixed up between the HRV system and their central heating system or heat pump.
HRV is a mechanical ventilation system that ventilates your home but also recovers the heat from the air leaving the house and transfers it to the fresh air coming in. Many homes that have a HRV system installed also install a Heat Pump (air to water or ground source). The HRV is the ventilation system, the heat pump is your central heating.
Each step in the process of having a system installed is important. Design covers the layout of the system in your home, the correct sizing of the air handling unit and the size of the ducting that transfers the air around your home. Apart from making sure there are enough air changes per day, we also need to make sure the the system is efficient and quiet in operation.
A HRV system operates in the back ground. You shouldn’t see it or hear it and so the installation needs to go according to the design.
Commissioning makes sure the system is set up to meet the design ventilation calculations (per Technical Guidance Document Part F) and that you are shown how to use it.
Certification is a requirement for registration of the system with BCAR (Building Control Amendments Regulations).
Servicing is essential to ensure the long life of the system and that it continues to operate efficiently and ventilate your home as it was originally designed to do.
There are two air distribution systems…. a rigid PVC system and a semi rigid pipe system.
We use both and in any give house it depends on the size of the rooms and the distance of travel from the air handling unit.
DCMV – Demand Controlled Mechanical Ventilation.

MEV – Mechanical Extract Ventilation.

PIV – Positive Input Ventilation.